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May 2014


During this period, various pieces of news related to Animal Law activity have been published:

The Catalan Parliament approves the processing of a circus animal ban

The Galician Parliament admits the modification of the animal protection law for processing

The president of the Veterinary Association of Cantabria declares the need to modify the current animal protection laws

CUP proposes the prohibition of correbous among its measures against animal abuse

UPyD proposes a Framework Law for Domestic Animal Protection to Congress

Costa Rica prohibits and criminally punishes dog fights

Beginnings of new European legislation about horse welfare

The Congress of Jalisco approves various legislative reforms against animal abuse

The WTO finds in favor of the EU ban on the sale of seal products

The American city of Ketchum approves the ban on circuses with wild animals

Fortaleza (Brasil) prohibits las vaquejadas, rodeos and spectacles that abuse animals.

The Argentine city of GualeguaychĂș suspends the jineteada to evaluate if animal abuse exists

Guadalajara approves a new animal ownership ordinance

The Ordinance on Animals is approved in the city of Vallehermoso (La Gomera)

Jerez de la Frontera approves its new municipal Ordinance on animals

Below is a list of legislative news during the period of reference, in chronological order and with a brief reference to their contents:

Order PRE/17/2014, of 6 May, regulating the elimination of animal cadavers of equine species belonging to agricultural work through burial and the elimination of dead bees and apiculture subproducts through in situ burial in the Autonomous Community of Cantabria.
Published in the Official Bulletin of Cantabria number 94/2014 of 19 May 2014. It entered into force in 20 May.

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