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LIMA.- Animal defense collectives request that aggressors receive prison sentences for acts of extreme cruelty


Various cases of animal abuse have occurred in recent months. Currently the Law penalizes them with fines, so different animal defense organizations have demanded stricter sentences, for example, that aggressors receive prison sentences in extreme acts of cruelty.

Article 450-A of the Criminal Code establishes that “anyone who commits acts of cruelty against an animal, submits the animal to manifestly excessive work or abuses the animals, will be penalized with a fine up to sixty days. If the animal dies as a consequence of the abuse suffered, the penalty will be a fine lasting between one hundred twenty and three hundred sixty five days. The judge may also in these cases prohibit the perpetrator from the ownership of animals in any manner.” But this is classified as a misdemeanor against the common good.

Source: El Comercio (Lima)

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