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The City Governments of Catalonia propose the need to modify the law to put down animals


The cities claim that the current legislation is unsustainable due to the elevated costs and the overcrowding of kennels.

The crisis has increased the number of animal abandonments in recent years, while adoptions have also decreased. The animal shelters are overrun and at their limits, as such they are requesting a modification to the law or the introduction of a possible “moratorium on the prohibition of sacrificing animals”.

Sources within the Department of Agriculture state that any modification in the current legislation must come from a parliamentary initiative agreed among the parties.

In Catalonia, the sacrifice of abandoned animals in shelters has been prohibited since 2008.

The councilor of the Presidency of the Municipal Government of Barcelona, Jordi Martí Galbis, does not support the request by the local governments to facilitate the sacrifice of dogs and cats which are not adopted, and claims that as long as he is the councilor of the Municipal Government of Barcelona and has the confidence of the mayor, Barcelona will not result to putting animals down.

Source: La Vanguardia

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