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Prison time requested for a strangling a neighbor’s dog to death in Ogíjares (Granada)


On March 19 the oral hearing for events which were presumed to take place in Ogíjares (Granada) on October 7, 2012.

The Prosecutor requested a sentence of nine months in prison for Juan G.L., a 43 year old resident who presumably strangled his neighbor’s dog. According to the Prosecutor’s report, the accused placed a cord around the dog’s neck and pulled strongly, which caused the dog’s death.

The private accusation requested sentencing for the crime of animal abuse, as established with sentencing guidelines in article 337 to 1 year in prison and the payment of 2,000 Euros in moral damages caused to the dog’s owner and the special disqualification of 3 years from exercising any profession, trade or business related with animals.

The accused denied the events, claiming he was unaware that the dog belonged to his neighbor and that he was merely dragging the dog across the floor to a cage to bring it to kennel, but too much force was accidentally used.

The events, according to the private accusation, do not correspond with the testimonies of two eye witnesses, who stated that the events took place in their presence.

Source: Ideal

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