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Man charged for shooting a dog and throwing it in a container


Originating from a report filed by an ecological association and after investigative work, SEPRONA [Service for the Protection of Nature] of the Civil Guard of Morón de la Frontera has charged a person for the presumed crime against Flora and Fauna and Domestic Animals.

The presumed perpetrator placed the Bodeguero dog in a sack and threw it into a trash container. When the dog was rescued, the animal showed a gunshot wound, several blows and was gravely wounded. SEPRONA Agents discovered the identity of the owner and inspected the farm where he resided. In the trunk of the farm’s guard car, cartridges similar to the projectiles used to shoot the dog were found and a sack was identified as the one used on the animal, as well as a hoe with traces of hair and blood..

The dog was attended in a veterinary clinic and later transferred to the Veterinary Faculty of Córdoba for its recovery.

Source: El correo web

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