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Local police officer reported for using pepper spray on pigs for his enjoyment


The events took place in Sencelles (Baleares) a few years ago, but now the images have Spreads across the Internet, which has led to a report made before the Prosecutor´s office.

Two local police officers who worked in the town recorded a video where one of them used a police spray that contained pepper gas on a herd of pigs. The events could constitute animal abuse, as established with sentencing guidelines in article 337 of the Criminal Code (LINK), which spurred the Animalist Party PACMA to present a report to the Prosecutor´s Office against the Local Police offer who appears in the images.

The two agents could face the crime of animal abuse, as well as have a report opened by the Conselleria d’Administraccions Públiques del Govern Balear [Public Administration Department of the Government of the Balearic Islands].

Source:Nuevo Diario Web
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