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Fan who threw a dog at a referee during a football game found guilty


A few weeks ago, we referenced a piece of news which occurred in Olula del Río (Almería). A resident threw another fan´s dog at the game´s referee from a height of approximately two meters.

As a result of this, a rapid judicial proceeding was opened in the District Court of Purchena (Almería). Both the Prosecutor as well as the protector society “El Refugio”, who made an individual accusation, wanted to see the man sentenced to 20 days with a 10 Euro per day fine (200 Euros in total) as the perpetrator of the crime of animal abuse as established and with sentencing guidelines in article 632.2 of the Criminal Code.

The fan assented to the requested sentence. He also must pay for the costs of veterinary assistance that the dog required as civil responsibility.

The animal did not suffer any injuries, which led to the event being finalized as a misdemeanour.

Source: Andalucía Información

keys Animal Law, Animal Welfare , Animal Abuse , art. 632 Criminal Code

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