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Man charged after attempting to assault a referee by throwing a dog


The events took place on Sunday, February 9, during a football game in the advanced youth category. After the game had finished, the referee came close to the benches in order to warn members of the visiting team. At that moment, a resident from Olula del Río tried to assault the referee by throwing another spectator´s dog from the stands.

As a result of this action, the animal fell to the ground from a height of approximately two meters, leaving the dog ¨stunned and in pain¨. A fight broke out between the dog´s owner and the arrested man which forced the Civil Guard to intervene.

For these reasons the man has been charged with the presumed crime of animal abuse, as established and sentenced in article 337 of the Criminal Code and a report for administrative infraction has been opened in accordance with the Law against Violence in Sports.

Source: 20 minutos

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