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Man sentenced to three months in prison for beating a dog


Criminal Court no. 2 of Badajoz has sentenced a man who beat his dog to three months in prison and a special disqualification from exercising any profession, trade or business related to animals for one year as the perpetrator of animal abuse in accordance with article 337 of the Criminal Code.

On November 30, 2011, in the town of Zahínos, a greyhound dog (the property of a neighbor) entered in a plot of property owned by the convict. The man trapped the dog in a corner and began to beat the dog with a stick. The injuries caused by the stick were so severe that the veterinarian determined that the dog must be put down.

The sentence, which also requires the man to pay the greyhound’s owner 750 Euros, has been dictated with the assent of the convicted.

Source: Hoy

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