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Traffic Law Reform with regards to hunting species:


At the beginning of January, the Council of Ministry approved remitting to the Congress of Deputies the modification of the current Traffic Law on the Circulation of Motor Vehicles and Physical Security with regards to the entrance of fauna.

The text will be written in the following manner:

In traffic accidents caused by running into hunting species in public thoroughfares, the driver of the Vehicle will be responsible for the damage to persons or to goods, without being able to sue for the value of the animal which was hit.
However, responsibility for damages to persons or goods will belong to belong to the hunter of the animal or, in its absence, the owner of the property when the damages arise as a direct consequence of a collective hunting action of a greater hunter species which took place the same day or within a twenty four hour period.
It will also be the owner´s responsibility if the public thoroughfare in which the accident occurred was affected as a consequence of not having repaired the enclosure fence, or in its case, of not providing the specific signals of free animals in stretches of road with high rates of collision of vehicles with animals.

Source: La opinión de Zamora

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