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Modifications in the regulation of ownership of animals in Victoria


On Saturday, January 4, the new municipal ordinance for Vitoria entered in force. Among the modifications, it is worthwhile to highlight the following:

-Prohibition of keeping a dog in the car for more than four hours.
-Prohibition of parking a vehicle in the sun if there is an animal inside.
-Two meters as the maximum length of leashes.
-Prohibition of animals drinking from the water fountain.
-Prohibition of leaving dogs on terraces and in gardens if its barking bothers other neighbors.
-In case of aggression, if the dog bits someone, the owner must take the dog for a veterinary check up within 24 hours maximum, failure to do so requires leaving the dog in a specialized center.
-Establishment of a 8 hour maximum time length for leaving dogs tied up.
-Prohibition of having puppies in store windows.
-Imposition of punitive fines from €300 a €15,000, depending on the serious of the sanction and continued non-compliance.

Source: El Correo

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