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Man charged for animal abuse after letting his horse die from hunger


R.P.S., a 45 year old resident of Terrinches (Ciudad Real) has been charged as the presumed perpetrator of animal abuse, as established and sentenced in article 337 of the Criminal Code for abandoning his horse and allowing it to die on his property. The horse had to be put down due to its state of health.

The case came to light due to Seprona [Service for the Protection of Nature] on 22 January, but the acts took place at the end of November when a Seprona Patrol arrived in the farm owned by R.P.S. and saw the horse in deplorable conditions, while recognizing the resident of Terrinches as the owner of the animal.

As a result of the above, prior investigations have been started in the sole District Court of Villanueva de los Infantes.

Source: Lanza Digital

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