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Man arrested as the presumed perpetrator of animal abuse in Monzón


On January 20, J.M.R.G., a 71 year-old resident, was arrested as the presumed perpetrator of animal abuse, as established with sentencing guidelines in article 337 of the Criminal Code. The finding of a mastiff in the periphery of the town of Monzón with multiple wounds, including head wounds was the cause for the arrest. The wounds eventually caused the dog to be sacrificed.

The SEPRONA [Service for the Protection of Nature] team proceeded to investigate the events, inspecting J.R.M.G.’s farm, where they found the tool that was presumably used to hit the animal, matching the traces with the dog’s DNA.

In the judicial seat, the appropriate previous investigations have been started, transferring the case to District Court No. 1 of Monzón.

Source: Europapress

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