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Prosecution presses for charges against the director of the Animal Park for document falsification


By the decree issued in June 2012, District Court Number 5 of Torremolinos charged the President of the Animal Park with presumed crimes of continued animal abuse and unauthorized practice of a profession due to the deaths of 2,685 dogs and cats in only two years (see previous article). In that decree, the judge ordered the provisional stay and archiving of the crimes of document falsification and false reports, which had been among the original charges against the president, along with another employee.

The Eighth Section of the Provincial Audience has now confirmed the charges for abuse and unauthorized practice of a profession after rejecting the appeal made by the attorney for the defendant. However, in this same decree they rejected in a procedural manner the requested charge for the crime of document falsification.

Faced with the latter, the Official Veterinarians Association of Málaga, as a private accusation, has presented a report which supposedly proves that the directr of the center used the signature of a veterinarian after the date of the latter’s retirement and passing to justify a list of animals sacrificed. For its part, the Prosecutor has announced that it will join the appeal made by the Veterinarians Association to request complementary investigations about the possible charge for the crime of document falsification.

Source: Málaga Hoy

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