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Report from Minding Animals Pre-Conference: Listen, Understand, Respond


AUTHOR: Samuel León Martínez y Alejandra Reyes Ortiz
TITLE: Report from Minding Animals Pre-Conference: Listen, Understand, Respond



On October 4 and 5, celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Universidad de Morelia, the Minding Animals Pre-Conference entitled “Minding Animals: Listen, Understand, Respond”. The conference brought together internationally renowned experts to the University, with several goals in mind. The conference set out to keep animals in the political and legal agenda with the ultimate goal of improving their legal status at the international level, as well as to promote the creation of a Bioethics Committee at the University itself.

The report here, compiled by one of the attendees of the conference and one of the legal rapporteurs for Derecho Animal, Samuel Leon, recounts the various presentations of the congress from prestigious professors including Dr. Alejandro Herrera Ibáñez and Dr. Aline Schunemann of the UNAM, as well as Professor Dr. Teresa Gimenez-Candela, Director of the Master in Animal Law and Society at the UAB and Director of derechoanimal.info. Mr. Leon’s account captures the highlights of the conference and the collaborative and creative atmosphere of the highly successful conference.

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