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Scoop de 2013: L'OMC devient pro-bien-être animal!


AUTHOR: Sabine Brels, PhD Student at the Laval University (Quebec, Canada). Specialist in animal welfare, international and comparative law. Holder of the Vanier Scholarship.
TITLE: Scoop de 2013: L'OMC devient pro-bien-être animal!

PUBLICATION PLACE: dA web Center, January 2014


Incredible but true: the WTO has ruled, on 25 November 2013, for the protection of animal welfare! Although the EU regulation of 2009 banning seal products contains some violations of international trade rules, the seal hunt has been condemned as a cruel practice.

External link:
Decision in English: WTO, European Communities- Measures prohibiting the importation and marketing of seal products, Reports of the Panel, WT/DS400/R-WT/DS401/R, 25.11.2013.

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