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Four charged for administering prohibited substances to cows


In April, Operation Brucella was started in the province of Lugo, for presumed crimes against public health and animal abuse, after finding bovine somatotropin, a substance prohibited in Spain by community directive.

As of today, there are four persons charged. One of these, a farmer from Valle de Erro (Navarra), was charged in April for the presumed crime of animal abuse, as established and with sentencing guidelines set forth in article 377 of the Penal Code and for the presumed unauthorized practice of a profession. The events which motivated this charge consisted of the presumed administration of prohibited substance to dairy cows once a month, increasing their milk production by almost 25%, and submitting the cows to stress which caused serious injuries.

Three others were charged at the end of September for the presumed receipt of packages that contained the prohibited substance.

Source: Noticias de Navarra, La Voz de Galicia

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