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In the USA, 55 years imprisonment for torturing a puppy


On August 31, 2013, a pit bull puppy was found on the sidewalk of Quincy (USA). The veterinarian was unable to do anything for the life of the puppy as it presented 17 wounds from blows, cuts, burns and a multitude of broken bones.

The police agents in charge of the investigation followed the trail of the animal until reaching the presumed torturer, R.C., a Polish immigrant without a residence permit in the USA. The police tested the dog’s DNA information with the hairs and blood from the animal found in the house of the suspect.

He has now been sentenced, including the imposition of a fine of one million dollars and the removal of his passport. The man now faces a sentence of 55 years in jail, with 5 years for each of the 11 charges of abuse of which he was accused. R.C., declared himself not guilty of these charges.

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