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The bullfighter Jose Antonio Canales sentenced for animal abuse


On November 18, District Court no. 1 of Puerto Real (Cádiz), found the bullfighter José Antonio Canales Rivera guilty as the criminal perpetrator of the crime of animal abuse, as established in article 632 of the Penal Code.

The proceedings were started from a report made by the Observatorio de Justicia y Defensa Animal [Observatory of Justice and Animal Defense] to the Public Prosecutor of the Environment of Cádiz, for some events that took place in the month of February 2013, when in one of the stables of an equestrian club in the province of Cádiz a horse was found bleeding, with deep wounds in its nose, after having utilized (according to the witnesses present) “live sparring”.

These devices that were used for the domestication violently oppressed the animal in a way such that if the horse made a move against will of the jockey the riveted teeth would press into the horse’s mouth.

The bullfighter acknowledged the acts that were attributed to him, as such this is the first time in Spain that a bullfighter has been sentenced for animal abuse; and with this being a final sentence there can be no appeal before the Provincial Audience.

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