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Argentina. Veterinary cleared of animal abuse charges


On October 28 a Sentence was issued in which the Judicial Office of Puerto Madryn in Argentina cleared the veterinarian P.R. of crimes of animal abuse and the omission of duties as a civil servant.

The proceedings started by a report given by a member of the Animal Protector Association of Puerto Madryn, who had adopted a puppy, “Makena”, which had been locked for 72 days inside the shelter, and showed a serious state of malnutrition. Other animals also exhibited the same state in the shelter, as accredited by photographic material provided in the report. With unnecessary suffering and visible damages to the physical integrity of the animals having been possibly caused by the director of Veterinary Sciences and Zoonosis, an investigation was initiated by the Public Ministry.

In the proceedings, the lawyer for the defense requested finding the veterinarian not guilty, understanding that there was no fraud in the actions by the veterinarian, while the Prosecution requested finding the veterinarian guilty and requested professional disqualification.

Finally, the judge agreed in the Sentence to find the veterinarian not guilty on the basis of the presumption of innocence and in dubio pro reo [when in doubt, for the accused], understanding that the level of certainty beyond a reasonable doubt could not be proved in order to find the veterinarian guilty

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