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Owner of a dog taken down by gunshots by the Local Police sentenced top ay 400 Euros


On June 14, a young man who was traveling through Zaragoza warned that he had seen a mastiff of approximately 75 kilos running alone in the vicinity of Vía Hispanidad. The young man could not trap it, so he requested help from the Local Police of Zaragoza.

According to the Sentence, one of the agents called the dog, the latter approaching the officer in an aggressive state. A local man chased away the dog with a chair from a neighboring bar at the same moment that the owner appeared in an altered state.

The dog continued to flee, adopting an aggressive attitude with the dog of another young man from the area. Finally it turned on one of the police officers, who drew his weapon and shot the dog at the moment when the dog threw itself on the officer in order to bite it, according to the Sentence.

As a result of these events, a misdemeanor trail was started before the District Court number 7 of Zaragoza, who dictated the Sentence against the owner of the animal for the misdemeanor against common interests and ordered the payment of a one month fine with a daily fee of 8 Euros, and a separate 20 day fine for the misdemeanor against public order of 8 Euros per day.

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