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Man sentenced as perpetrator of animal abuse for hanging two greyhounds


On Friday, October 25, Sentence 389/2013 of 15 October took place in abbreviated procedure before Criminal Court number 1 of Toledo.

This was a novel sentence as it found F.C.D-G.G.A. guilty as the perpetrator of a continuing crime of animal abuse, as established in article 337 of the Penal Code. The accompanying sentence is of SEVEN AND A HALF MONTHS OF PRISON, and includes a special disqualification for a period of 2 years and one day of the exercise of any profession, trade or business related with animals. This is especially relevant as his profession, trade and business were related to animals, as he was a hunter who used greyhounds, a breeder and distributor of greyhounds as well as the president of the hunters with greyhounds association in his town. This disqualification covers a prohibition on hunting with greyhounds, possessing greyhounds, and the purchase or sale of greyhounds for two years and one day. He is furthermore disqualified from exercising his role as president, or any other position, in any association related with hunting with greyhounds for the same period of time.

This Sentence is not final, as it may be appealed before the Provincial Audience of Toledo.

The events for which he has been sentenced took place on February 6, 2011, when F.C.D-G.G.A. placed two of his greyhounds, Iniesta and Bola, by a cord for hanging. These dogs had been used by the perpetrator for hunting and were later killed. They were identified by microchip.

In the proceedings the animal protector association BAAS GALGO acted as the public prosecution.

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