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Judicial proceedings for the case of 48 dogs lodged in a small house


In the month of August agents of SEPRONA [Service for the Protection of Nature] found 48 dogs in a plot in the municipality of Font d’en Carrós (Valencia). The dogs were “lodged in a space of 15 square meters, without ventilation and with elevated temperature and humidity”. The majority of the animals “were tied with chains or ropes of some 30 centimeters which forced them to remain lying down without being able to get up or walk".

As a consequence of the investigation, SEPRONA charged the owner of the plot and of the dogs found for violating the regulation regarding companion animal care in the Valencian Community.

Later, the animals were examined by a veterinarian who diagnosed in all the dogs "various illnesses presumably derived from abandonment and the abuse suffered, some of which were in a serious state".

Once the details of the official veterinary reports were known, the proceedings were started by the judicial seat for the presumed crime of companion animal abuse, in accordance with article 337 of the Penal Code.

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