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Two Men Charged with abusing a pony which was castrated in an illegal manner


Following a complaint by the Colegio Oficial de Veterinarios de Baleares [Official College of Veterinarians of the Balearic Islands], the Servicio de Protección de la Naturaleza [Service for the Protection of Nature] (SEPRONA) began an investigation that culminated with charging two men for the presumed crime of animal abuse in accordance with article 337 of the Penal Code and trespassing, for castrating a pony using an illegal technique.

The instruction record notes that the persons charged – the owner of the animal and an acquaintance – castrated the animal using the traditional method with reeds (strangling the vein that provides the blood flow to the animal’s genitalia) and noted that neither of the men had any accreditation to perform this type of operation.

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