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Provisional Stay of Proceedings Initiated for the Presumed Crime of Animal Abuse in Estepona


On July 10, various residents of the locality of Estepona alerted the local police of the existence of a dog left alone in a vehicle. The agents rescued the animal from the interior of the car and proved that the dog showed “evident symptoms of abandonment and filth, and showed various injuries on the skin”.
The dog was transferred to a veterinary clinic, where they diagnosed dehydration due to heat stroke, hyperthermia with a state of shock, and an untreated case of acute otitis, caused by abundant dermatitis suffered on the skin.

The police agents contacted the owner of the vehicle where the dog was located and placed the owner under judicial care for committing the presumed felony of animal abuse as established in article 337 of the Penal Code.

In the declaration before the Judge, he declared that he was not the owner of the animal but had only found the animal abandoned in the region and decided to bring it to the countryside, leaving it in the car while he eat breakfast.

On July 11 a summary trial was celebrated for these acts in District Court no. 3 of Estepona. The Judge gave a Judicial Decree according a provisional stay of proceedings and record understanding that the perpetration of the crime of animal abuse did not appear to be duly justified.

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