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Woman Charged with Animal Abuse and Abandonment for the Presumed Crime of Intentionally Running over her Dog


On June 3 of this year, a resident of Pinos Puente reported to the Civil Guard of the same locality that she had witnessed a woman trying on three occasions to abandon her dog in front of the witness’ house. Each time the accused was unable to get her vehicle away from the dog, so she got in the car and ran over the dog.

According to the report given by the witness, the presumed perpetrator ran over the head of the animal on repeated occasions to ensure the death of the dog, later fleeing at a high speed. The witness wrote down the license plate of the vehicle, providing this to the Civil Guard.

The presumed perpetrator is a 46 year old female resident of Láchar (Granada), who has been placed in custody and charged with abandoning and abusing a domestic animals, in accordance with articles 631.2 and 337 of the Criminal Code.

External Link: http://www.ideal.es/granada/20130705/local/granada/imputan-maltrato-animal-mujer-201307051408.html

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