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La Fundación Oso de Asturias [The Bear Foundation of Asturias] Accused of Presumed Animal Abuse


On July 15, the Asturias Municipal Government brought an accusation against the Fundación Oso de Asturias in the District Court, for the presumed crime of animal abuse.

The acts reported consist of the “confinement” of three bears (two sisters and a male), which were transported to Asturias from the Cabárceno Natural Park.

According to the initial report, the conditions in which the animals found themselves are causing them great suffering and affecting their health. The installations have in effect been converted in an improvised zoo.

This charge represents the commencement of previous diligence so that the Magistrate can prove these acts, which would constitute the crime of animal abuse as established in article 337 of the Criminal Code.

External Link: El Comercio, Foro Asturias

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