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Dr. M. Wartenberg, Q&A by Master's Program Students


AUTHOR: Dr. Marlene Wartenberg, VIER PFOTEN – Stiftung für Tierschutz. Director European Office, Brussels
TITLE: Marlene Wartenberg Answers to the Questions of the MA class 'Master in Animal Law and Society'

PUBLICATION PLACE: dA web Center, March 2013.


In this question and answer session submitted by students in the Masters Program in Animal Law and Society (2nd Edition), Visiting Lecturer Dr. Wartenberg discusses questions related to the areas of progress in animal welfare in the EU and Switzerland as well as the challenges and future of Animal Welfare legislation. Among other topics, she discusses the progress in the political and judicial arenas within the EU, issues in certain legal terminology regarding Animal Law and the difficulties in achieving progression in the face of strong regional traditions such as bullfighting and foie gras.

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