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2013-03-07 Dr. Jean Pierre Marguénaud Dr. Jean Pierre Marguénaud
"Analysis of the legal configuration of animals in France"

Thursday 7 , Friday 8
Abstract: ENG | FRA | ESP
2013-03-21 Dr. Pamela Frasch - Dr. Kathy Hessler Dr. Pamela Frasch - Dr. Kathy Hessler
"An Overview to Animal Law and Legal Education in the U.S Application of Animal Law in the U.S. through Cases and Courses"

Thursday 21, Friday 22
2013-04-25 Dr. Xavier Manteca Dr. Xavier Manteca
"Animal Welfare: Current Issues Regarding Experimentation"

25th april
Abstract: ENG | ESP
2013-04-26 Dr. Andrea Gavinelli Dr. Andrea Gavinelli
"Animal Welfare in the European Union"

Friday 26
Abstract: ENG
2013-05-10 Dr. David Favre Dr. David Favre
"Animals as Living Property"

Friday 10
Abstract: ENG
2013-05-23 Dr. Diane Addie Dr. Diane Addie
"Animal suffering, Animal hoarding, Saving the animals, The roots of evil"

Thursday 23 , Friday 24
2013-06-06 Prof. Steven Wise Prof. Steven Wise
"Legal Personhood and the Nonhuman Rights Project"

Thursday 6 , Friday 7