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Our intention by creating this section is to allow the communication and to create a networking of specialists. Besides, we also want to make public all the professional achievements and all the work done in favor of the animals by all the Alumni.

González Lacabex, Maria González Lacabex, Maria
Lawyer. Founder ANIMALEX Office (Getxo, Bizkaia)

"The professionalization of animal rights is a necessary step forward, which only causes to value this"

Tisa Kosem Tisa Kosem

"Finding the possibility of studying the Master in Animal law in Barcelona was an absolute perfect combination of all my personal and professional interests. During one year I have not only had the chance to work and learn everything related to Animal law with an expert team under the leadership of Professor Giménez-Candela but I have as well learned the Spanish language and enjoyed the multicultural environment that Barcelona offers."
Montero, Elizabeth Montero, Elizabeth
Master in Animal Law and Society - Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain). Degree in Law - Universidad Iberoamericana de Puebla (Mexico).

"I chose this master, as well as being a new area of Law, to study the different positions in which man perceives the animals and listen to the problems one can encounter in this area in order to find the best solution to these problems."

Bécares, Cristina Bécares, Cristina
Law and Criminology Degree

"I believe that if you want to defend any position, first of all you need a knowledge base. In the field of animal defence, you get the knowledge with this Master, unique in Europe"

Laimene, Loïs Laimene, Loïs
Licenciate degree in Law, University of Toulon-Var Law School, France. Founder of the Society of European Animal Law Students (SEALS

"I came from France to be a part of this pioneering program in Europe. The multidisciplinary character has allowed me to acquire new knowledge and to reinforce my willingness to dedicate my professional life to this subject. As such, the Master’s Program in Animal Law and Society is part of the solution."

Trujillo, Patricia Trujillo, Patricia
Japanese-Spanish translator

"I wanted to learn national, European and international laws that affect animal welfare in order to know the limits of what is allowed and what is forbidden. Moreover, finding out the reality and practical application of those laws was another of my objectives"

Infante, Emma Infante, Emma
Philosophy Degree. Co-founder of the Association for the Animal Well-being "Futur Animal".

"The seriousness in the dialogue about the rights of the animals goes through the knowledge and the reflection. The legal tools and the international Master dimension can help to reach the aim of the moral progress that means to include to the not human animals in the sphere of rights"

Havenstein, Julia Havenstein, Julia
International Project Manager at the animal welfare organization Animals’ Angels

"The Master program is ideal for expanding knowledge of the animal welfare legislation on national, EU and international level. It offers a unique change to opening up new horizons on animal welfare and animal rights by exchanging ideas with professors and students"

Miras, Elisabet Miras, Elisabet
Law degree from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and MGS of Business Management and marketing

"I wanted to major in Animal law, as a new branch of law for get tools in animal rights"

Jornet, Alba Jornet, Alba
Companion Animal Department. FAADA Foundation

"After working for 20 years with animals and for animals, I thought it necessary to continue with my studies to expand my knowledge to improve my capabilities in my current job."
Dufau, Agnès Dufau, Agnès
Graduate in Political Sciences. Toulouse (France). Business Director. Responsible for the CaroDog and CaroCat Project (Brussels)

"To get the relevant knowledge and tools to work more effectively in defending animals, specifically to help improve my duties as the person responsible of an Animal Welfare Organization."
Trana, Ioana Suzana Trana, Ioana Suzana
Lawyer, graduated from the Babes Bolyai University, Cluj Napoca (Romania)

"Is a unique tool providing specific knowledge to a graduate or law practitioner who wishes to further explore and improve on the issue of animal welfare with the help of top tier faculty members and world renowned guest speakers."

Escoda Casas, Helena Escoda Casas, Helena
Degree in History. Volunteer Council at Societat Protectora d’Animals de Mataró (SPAM)

"I was interested in studying in the Masters Programme to continue to help animals more effectively. I think that it is very important for activists who defend animals to have excellent training."

Serra, Juan Ignacio Serra, Juan Ignacio
Lawyer, graduated from the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina)

"Search tools to improve and optimize the legal status of animals. Get training and conduct research for the Animal Law. Know legislation at European and global."

Ursula Molina Ursula Molina

"I was interested in studying this master to have a full knowledge on the status that animals have in the different legislations. The master represents an area of knowledge and an approach to the reality of the most relevant issues to understand social movements in defense of animal rights. This gave me the possibility to know more about the regulation of animal life and about the distances between animals and humans. This distances prevents us from knowing animals thoroughly, impeding us to create empathic connections because we only contemplate them as commodities and not as subjects of rights. "