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Eduardo Rincón at the UAB: Social movement in support of animals in Colombia


Colombia is a country that is undergoing an authentic revolution as far as the treatment of animals is concerned. In policing, the Colombian National Police has set up a department specialized in the protection of animals. On the legal front, a ruling from the State Council or the Constitutional Court recognizes animals in a sentencing capacity and considers them subjects of moral consideration. In the area of politics, a National Caucus of Senators ensures that animals are protected at a parliamentary level, the same applies in the City of Bogota and Medellin, the latter being a model city with respect to animal protection policies at a international level.

Eduardo Rincón has a Masters degree in Philosophy from the University of Rosario in Bogota.He is also Professor of Ethical Philosophy at the University of Rosario and the University of Minuto de Díos. He is the coordinator of "Academics for Animals" on the Civil Platform ALTO, Animales Libres de Tortura (Animals Free from Torture). Also, He is a leading thinker and pragmatist within the animal liberation movement.

From the perspective of the philosophical strategy of the animal rights movement, Prof. Rincón will analyze what has happened in Colombia for the society to become mobilized almost in unison in the support of nonhuman animals. The presentation will be provided by Teresa Giménez-Candela, Professor of Roman Law, Director of the Research Group ADS-UAB and director of the Master "Animal Law and Society" at the UAB.

We invite you to participate in this interesting discussion on Thursday November 22nd at 13:30 PM. in the Board Room (Room B2/125), Floor 1, Faculty of Law, Building B, in the UAB campus.

CV Eduardo Rincón

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