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Fine of 19,000 euros for a hunter who mistreated their dogs on a farm of Montcada i Reixac


The City Council of Montcada i Reixac and the Conselleria of Agriculture have imposed three fines of 19,000 euros to a hunter who had locked in very bad conditions about thirty dogs on a farm in the municipality. The plot also found the remains of another 23 dogs, most of them buried, but one of the bodies belonged to an animal that had died poisoned few hours earlier.

In its resolution, Agriculture also disqualifies Faustino L. P. for the keeping of animals for a period of five years for abusing or physically attacking animals, keeping them without food and inadequate facilities necessary from the standpoint of hygiene and health, and by not providing necessary veterinary care.

The events date back to December 2011 when Animal Rescue Altarriba and DAR Founrdation documented the presence of 33 dogs in poor conditions in a property of Montcada. The animals were seized days later by the Generalitat Rural Agents.

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