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Six months in jail for killing a dog after a shot


A crime of mistreatment of pets has been judged by the criminal court 4, relating to the shooting that took place in March 2011 and that killed a dog in Casal. As the author of this death, a resident of the area has just been sentenced to six months in prison, plus payment of 500 euros to the woman who kept the animal for two years for moral damages. The judgment also prohibits it from exercising professions that are related to animals, craft or trade, for half a year.

It was the caretaker who reported the death of the pet - which at that time was pregnant, after finding the corpse with a gunshot to the head. As stated in the resolution, the woman testified at trial that he had recently seen the accused, carrying a shotgun, and also the day he met the daughter of the now convicted, he warned: "“Ándala buscando? Pois esta vez vaiche ser difícil atopala, "referring to the dog, which he fed and paid care from two years althoough he was not his owner.

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