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Training workshop in the Autonomous University of Barcelona’s Library, aimed to the students of the 2nd edition of the Master in Animal Law & Society


On Thursday, October 4th of 2012, at 4:00 pm, the students of the Masters Program in Animal Law and Society, will receive a training course in the Social Sciences Library of the UAB, to learn about the services and spaces they have at their disposal.

The Library Service of the UAB, provides fundamental support to study and research, through a major endowment documentary materials and qualified staff.

This session will consist of:

- Visit to the library
- Explanation of the Library Services: website, catalog, loan, VPN, etc..
- Law Resources
- RefWorks (bibliographic reference manager)

The first part of the course (visit and explanation of resources) will be directed by Jordi Albero and Susanna Ubach. The second part that will consist in the explanation of the bibliographic reference manager (RefWorks) will be directed by Anna Hernandez.

The initiative to provide this training at the Masters Program, has the guidelines of the Social Sciences Library Director, Ms. Montserrat Catafal.

Link to the Library Service’s website

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