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Injustice et cruauté: la corrida constitutionnalisée


AUTHOR: Sabine Brels, PhD student at the Laval university on animal welfare protection in the world, grant of the Canada Vanier scholarship for Postgraduate Studies.
TITLE: Injustice et cruauté: la corrida constitutionnalisée Commentaire de la décision du Conseil constitutionnel français sur la corrida du 21 septembre 2012

PUBLICATION PLACE : dA web Center, September 2012.


Around the world, various places of Hispanic tradition have begun to adopt legal bans on bullfighting for ethical reasons (e.g.: Catalonia in Spain (2010); Bogota and Lima in South America (2012)). But the 21 September 2012, France has validated this contestable practice at the highest level of legality: the constitutional level. Bullfighting and cockfighting are legal exemptions to the general prohibition of animal cruelty in the French Penal Code (art. 521-1,§ 7). Whereas the constitutional principle of "equality" states that the law shall be the same for all citizens, this exemption allow to commit those acts of cruelty where a local tradition can be established. In this sense, bullfighting is legally allowed as a local tradition in South of France, when it is forbidden in the rest of the country as an act of cruelty. Even if this tradition is very controversial in the eyes of the French population, a powerful minority of "aficionados" still manage to protect bullfighting from the moral evolution of animal protection, to the unfair detriment of justice and equality!

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