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Sobre animales y desahucios


AUTHOR: María González Lacabex, Lawyer, Master in Environmental Law. University Specialist in Sustainable Development and Local Agenda 21.
TITLE: Sobre animales y desahucios (spanish version)

PUBLICATION PLACE : dA web Center, August 2012.


Animal protection societies and shelters warn about how the consequences of the crisis on families’ finances are leading owners to decide to get rid of their animals. Owners who arrive at these societies and shelters in order to leave their pets there, so that they can find another home. What we know as ‘responsible abandonment’ is an old, controversial practice: Should this kind of entities also take care of those animals that are given up voluntarily by their owners? From an animal protection point of view, is it coherent to admit them? Over and above the particular cases, in the long term, does this practice really benefit animals?

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