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Audacia, saxa pyramidum



Academic authorities, Administrative authorities, esteemed Master's students, ladies and gentlemen

The closing event of the in-person part of the 1st edition of the Master's in Animal Law and Society will proceed as follows:

Firstly, I will introduce today's lecturer, Prof Steven Wise. When the lecture has finished, I will hand over to the representatives of the Mater's students: Alexandra Leitold and Juan Ignacio Serra [1] and to a representative of the professors, our colleague and close collaborator, Dr Marta Tafalla. Finally, the session will be closed and attendees will be invited to a small celebration.
It is a pleasure and honour to welcome Prof Steven Wise to this Faculty of Law.

Prof Wise has already honoured us with his presence on two previous occasions, which demonstrates his intellectual generosity and commitment to supporting the Master's.

To annotate the personality of Prof Wise in a few words is futile. Therefore, I will simply highlight three aspects of his work:

-He is the brilliant writer of books like Rattling the Cage, which has exceeded sales figures worldwide.

-He is an excellent pro-animal lawyer; from it, he has gain wide experience in a field that is essential for the growth of Animal Law, which is the relationship with judges and the study of the language of judges.

-He is a highly respected professor at the most important US Universities. He pioneered Animal Law education at Harvard University in 1991. Since then, he has worked relentlessly in favour of animals, offering them the best of his abilities and ensuring that, as many of us have been able to learn, the best favour we can do for animals is to work professionally for them and receive excellent training.

Thanks Steve for your enthusiasm for the work that this Master's has taken on!

It is now my turn to close this event and I do not want to miss the opportunity to express my gratitude.

Especially to all those who have made it possible, who are, in this order, Students and Professors. Each one has given their best and has tried to reproduce that atmosphere, so typical of the University, which is to promote between one another a "higher form of cultivated co-existence" (in the words of my teacher). Yes, there have been discussions, questions, the doors have been opened to new interests, we have coexisted and ironed out those characters that sometimes emerge in a group with a passionate interest in something and all in the middle of a pleasant, open and tolerant atmosphere. As is typical of the place where we are.

I would also like to mention those who do not appear but make it possible for everything to work. In particular Carlos Contreras, our Student Coordinator. He deserves all of our admiration for his intelligent, silent and efficient work, without ever losing his smile. To all the staff, both in the Postgraduate School and in our Faculty, who have helped us at all times without hesitation. Here, particularly Teresa Armengol and Annamaria García, from the EP and Lluïsa Romero and Gervasio García from our department.

A Master's like this is a set of individual pieces that make up the whole. This will to build is why we are here.

When I started to think about how to start, a fragment of a text from Horace came to mind that still seems inspiring to me: “audacia, saxa pyramidum”. That is, audaciousness is the stone from which the pyramids are made.

I leave you with this reflection because our only merit is that: all of us here have had the audaciousness to believe and support this idea, for this Master's.

Thank you from the heart!

Teresa Giménez-Candela
Professor of Roman Law
Animal Law Professor
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

[1]Speech of Juan Ignacio Serra

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