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Sentenced to one year and three months in prison for torturing two cubs in Badajoz


The Criminal Court number 2 of Badajoz has convicted the accused of torturing two cubs in Badajoz, Nicholas Buiga Well, as "author criminally responsible for an offense of abuse of domestic animal", a year and three months' imprisonment and as to the disqualification for a profession, trade or commerce in animals for four years and three months.

In the judgment, which has had access to Europa Press, the judge, the accused applied for a mitigating "mental impairment" also condemns him to indemnify the Association for the Defence of Animals Abandoned in Badajoz (Adana) with 3,285, 20 euros, corresponding to the association paid invoices to the veterinary clinic where the two cub swere seen tortured by this man, of whom one died.

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