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The new Animal Welfare strategy of the EU 2012-2015


AUTHOR: Marlene Wartenberg.VIER PFOTEN – Stiftung für Tierschutz. European Office, Brussels.
TITLE: The new Animal Welfare strategy of the EU 2012-2015 - A paradigm in european animal welfare policy.

PUBLICATION DATE: February 2012.
PUBLICATION PLACE: dA web Center, February 2012.


On 19 January 2012 John Dalli, the European Commissioner responsible for Animal Welfare in the EU, presented the EU’s new Animal Welfare Strategy at a press conference in Brussels.

The strategy is a pragmatic document characterised by the indispensable balance of interests in the political field of Animal Welfare. There are some positive aspects, but in general, the animal welfare topics touching on EU issues of public concern are neglected, for example animal welfare and the Common Agricultural Policy and cloning of animals. The status quo of specific rules for animals – still lacking some urgent regulations for dairy cows, beef cattle, rabbits, geese and ducks – now seems to be cemented. This is a severe disadvantage for the animals, as there are no specific future regulations in sight.
Below you will find an analysis of the strategy, followed by a summary of the position of VIER PFOTEN indicating positive and negative aspects


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