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Teresa Giménez-Candela, Animal welfare depends on the consumers


AUTHOR: Sergio Tejero
TITLE: Teresa Giménez-Candela, Animal welfare depends on the consumers.

EMISSION DATE: 2012.01.09
EMISSION PLACE: Radio Vitoria (I+C+I).
Reproduced in : dA web Center, January 2012


In this interview, Dr. Giménez-Candela, a pioneer of animal law in Spain and creator of the Master in Law and Society Animal currently taught at the UAB, talks about how the law protects animal welfare, and also the fact that consumers have a great responsibility towards the welfare of animals is something that also depends on us, not only of legislators. At this meeting we review some of the most important issues in animal law in contemporary Spain, such as the dubious use of the adverb in the regulation unreasonably animal abuse under our Criminal Code.

keys Animal law, Master degree in animal law , consumers , animal welfare

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