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The Future of Animal Law: Moving Beyond Preaching to the Choir


AUTHOR: Megan A. Senatori and Pamela D. Frasch.
TITLE: The Future of Animal Law: Moving Beyond Preaching to the Choir

PLACE OF PUBLICATION: dA web Center, September 2011

Animal Law as a field of legal practice and academic topic has experienced great success in recent years among lawyers and law students who are more and more convinced that justice requires the legal system to consider the interests of society’s most vulnerable members, whether they are human or not. These days, lawyers and students connected with Animal Law have an unprecedented opportunity to influence the rest of the world to achieve concrete advances in animal protection.
Looking to the future, one of the objectives of teaching, scholarships and internships must be to search for paths to more effectively and more frequently reach those with the power to realize juridical and legislative advances in animal protection.
This article offers an overview of Animal Law’s great success and compares its progress with that of environmental law. In doing so, the article explores the strategies that lawyers associated with Animal Law must pursue to successfully advance the effective protection of animals before the law.

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