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What do former students say?


Nicole Batista, Specialist in Animal Welfare and Behavior (Brazil) 3rd. ed. (2013-2014)"The Master is a unique opportunity and experience for anyone who holds an interest in the cause to improve animal welfare. For me, the knowledge and experiences acquired throughout the program have been as valuable for me as the people I have met and the friendships which have formed through the Master. Taking the Master has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life so far!"

Úrsula Molina Ramón, Sociologist (Barcelona) 3rd. ed. (2013-2014)“The Masters Program is the honest response to the movement for a legal and ethical awakening that is taking place in advanced societies. The program is in itself a mosaic of scientific and legal voices that attest to the ample range, seeking to integrate and not exclude forms of conceiving new just and ethical relationships with animals.”

Elizabeth Montero, Graduate in Law (Mexico) 3rd. ed. (2013-2014)“The Master in Animal Law and Society made me realize the different manners that humans perceive animals, hear of each problems that can be found in this field, feel the ambition to search for a better solution to these problems, absorb the enriching knowledge not only from my academic field – law – but also from ethics, philosophy, etiology, and biology among others, discover that my professional and personal projects are focused principally on this area and finally understand in my soul that leaving my country (Mexico) for a time solely to study this Master has definitely been one of my best decisions.”.

Tisa Kosem, Graduate in Political Sciences and International Relations (Slovenia) 3rd. ed. (2013-2014)“With the Masters Program, you become familiar with Animal Law from the legal as well as the philosophical and sociological points of view. The program is intended for all those who wish to develop a career in the field of Animal Law as well as for those who wish to further their knowledge in this interesting and important emerging legal discipline”.

Inês Real, Attorney (Portugal) 3rd. ed. (2013-2014)“The Master in Animal Law is an important tool for the defense and protection of animals, but it is also a great personal and professional challenge. Leaving behind the anthropocentric concepts that have marked our relationship with nature and animals, this Masters program opens the possibility of a new ethical system based on greater harmony and respects for those who are at the mercy of humankind. Not only are we learning, but we are also taking part in the construction of a new branch of law through a legal, philosophical and scientific debate. Animal Law is the most innovative and challenging branch of law of our times. Without a doubt, it has been a great privilege for me to come every week from Portugal to study with such motivated colleagues and to learn from such prestigious professors.”

Patricia Luque Tomás, Veterinarian (Castellón) 3rd. ed. (2013-2014)"Without a doubt, the program marks a before and after in my personal as well as professional life. Meeting people who fight for the same objectives and seeing that there are so many open fronts where change can be achieved with patience, effort and commitment. I’m convinced that we will give the place that out great friends, the nimals, deserve. Every week I return home full of energy and faith.”

Sara Hébrard, Veterinarian (Barcelona) 3rd. ed. (2013-2014)“A Masters program which opens the doors to the conscience and shares and reaffirms the desire to work for the protection of animals in a very professional atmosphere which is at the same time very welcoming.”

Marion Bergère, graduate in sociology (France) 3rd. ed. (2013-2014)“A Master which brings together the effort and knowledge needed to redefine human-animal relationships. A motivational master that gives hope for the near future for animals, many of whom today suffer terribly from the caprices of man. We are all here together in the Masters, students as well as professors, for a just cause that is close to our hearts: the defense of animals.”

Elena Pérez de Gracia, Partido Animalista PACMA (Barcelona) 2da. Ed. (2012-2013)"The Masters Program in Animal law is a great opportunity to give a voice for all animals to realize the defense of their rights."

Loïs Laïmene, Student in Animal Law, International and Comparative Environmental Law (Francia) 2da. Ed. (2012-2013) “I came from France to be a part of this pioneering program in Europe. The multidisciplinary character has allowed me to acquire new knowledge and to reinforce my willingness to dedicate my professional life to this subject.
As such, this Masters Program in Animal Law and Society has formed part of the solution”

Elisabet Miras Lara, Graduate in Law UAB (Cerdanyola del Vallès) 2da. Ed. (2012-2013) "In my opinion, the masters program in animal law and society is a transversal means of knowledge because it provides the tools to know the needs of animals and in turn their adequate legal protection"

María González Lacabex. Lawyer. (Bilbao) 1ra. Ed. (2011) "A magnificent opportunity to deepen one's knowledge in a novel and fascinating field in Law. Very enriching from a juridical, ethical and scientific point of view. Without a doubt, it marked a sea change in my thinking. Professional and personal!".

Ingrid Margalef, Interior Department, Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Regional Government) Catalunya (Barcelona) 1ra. Ed. (2011) "A postgraduate program where professors and students share vocations, sensibilities and responsibilities about animals".

Conny Duarte. Head of Volunteers, ANAA (National Association for the Friends of Animals)(Colombia) 1ra. Ed. (2011) "Having this unique opportunity to learn from great professionals, to share experiences with a magnificent team of human beings, has more than compensated the effort to travel every week from Madrid to Barcelona in order to attend classes in the Postgraduate Program on Law, Animals and Society".

Alba Jornet, Technical Expert in the management of domestic animals (FAADA)(Barcelona) 1ra. Ed. (2011) "Taking this program has changed my life. Besides improving my knowledge I’ve made friends I will never forget. The majority of us keep in contact professionally because in the end we all have the same goal: Helping animals!".

Agnès Dufau, Business Manager (Barcelona) 1ra. Ed. (2011-2012) "A perfect masters program for all people who believe that the best way to help animals is based on better preparation and more professionalization in the world of animal protection".

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