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General Information


Intended for

  • Graduates in any discipline, (Law, Humanities, Philosophy, Veterinary Sciences, Political Sciences, History, Communication Sciences, Biology, Environmental Sciences, Sociology, Educational Sciences…)

  • Collaborators, workers and professionals interested in animal protection associations or animal collection centers

  • Technical staff contracted with local, autonomous and state administrations; those appointed by the above-mentioned administrations

  • Police and security forces

Flexible and progressive structure

  • The program was designed so that there is the possibility that students (for example those who do not have an academic title) may attend the first two modules in order to obtain a Postgraduate Degree in Animal Law and Society (30 ECTS).

  • To obtain the title of Master in Animal Law and Society, it is necessary to complete the entire course: two modules more (3 and 4), a professionally sponsored internship and an End of Master Project (60 ECTS).


1. Application of law and state law. Design and management of a model of professional law enforcement animal (10 ECTS credits) (Required)

2. Basis of integration of animal rights in a globalized society. Comparative Analysis in Animals, Law and Society (15 ECTS credits) (Required)

3. Animals in the positive law. Challenges and Solutions (15 ECTS credits) (Required)

4. New models of integration of animal welfare law in global society (10 ECTS credits) (Required)

5. Master Final Project (10 ECTS credits) (Required)

Internships in companies and institutions

Practice mandatory, tutored, in module 3 (75 hours), aim to gain real work experience in the states that have acceded to the Masters. Consist of learning about the fact that each institution develops, according to the tasks of its own.


When: Two afternoons per week, from October, 6, 2011 to June,8, 2012.

Openings: 40

Total fees: 3.500 Eur.

Where: Facultad de Derecho (Law Faculty), Edificio B (Building B), Campus UAB (Bellaterra), Cerdanyola del Vallés (Barcelona)

Languages: Spanish and English (intermediate level)

Open Period for Admission: Escola de Postgrau (Postgraduate School) UAB

More Information: Coordinator for Students: Carlos Contreras (formacion@derechoanimal.info )

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