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March - April 2011


The following regulatory provisions are named in chronological order, with a brief reference to its contents:

Law 2/2011, of 4 March, on Sustainable Economy

The very extensive Law 2/2011, of 4 March, on Sustainable Economy was published in the Official State Gazette (BOE) of 5/3/2011, amending several provisions, including Law 43/2002 of 20 November, on plant health, whose purposes are, among others, to protect animals, plants and microorganisms that destroy or restrict the activity of organisms that are harmful to plants and plant products and mitigate risks to the health of people and animals and to the environment arising from the use of plant protection products. The aim of modifying this legal amendment is to prevent unnecessary repetition of tests using vertebrates.

Law 2/2011, of 17 March, on hunting

Law 2/2011 was published in the Official Gazette of the Basque Country of 29/3/2011, which aims to regulate hunting in the Basque Country in order to adapt it to European legislation on protecting wild fauna and to its transposition to internal Spanish legislation (Directive on conservation of wild birds and Directive concerning conservation of the natural habitats of wild fauna and flora).

Law 3/2011, of 25 March, on protection and planning of pigeon keeping and pigeon racing

Law 3/2011 was published in the Official Gazette of Murcia of 1/4/2011, which aims to acknowledge, protect and foster the sport of pigeon keeping and pigeon racing, an activity that is very harmful to animals and the regulation of which did not sufficiently cover certain aspects. According to article one, the animal protection law of the region of Murcia is subsidiarily applied to this activity.

Regional Parliament law 12/2011, of 1 April, amending Regional Parliament law 17/2005, of 22 December, on hunting and fishing in Navarra

The amendment to the law on hunting and fishing in Navarra was published in the Official Gazette of Navarra on 11/4/2011, setting out a different system of liability in the case of traffic accidents or other contingencies. As damage to crops caused by cynegetic species in recent years, particularly those related to infrastructures and which provide refuge for certain species, have increased in some areas of Navarra, the amendment reflects the interest of the legislator to adapt the current liability system, in order to establish a commitment and liability in tasks related to maintenance, conservation and prevention on roads, canals and similar infrastructures so that, beyond dividing responsibilities, special emphasis is given to preventing and minimising damage.

Decree 80/2011, of 12 April, regulating animal welfare training

The aim of this decree, published in the Official Gazette of Andalusia of 28/4/2011, is to regulate the types and content of animal welfare training courses that are obligatory for people whose activities involve handling animals for profit and testing, according to articles 1 and 7 of Law 11/2003, of 24 November, on Animal Protection in Andalusia, requiring minimum and specific training and a certificate, where applicable, of skills or a certificate in animal welfare.

General Director of Biodiversity Ruling of the developing the Minister of the environment, land and coastal planning order 1/7/1999 for 2011, regulating exceptional ownership and capture of finches

This ruling, published in the Official Gazette of the Balearic Islands of 30/4/2011, is pronounced in order to ensure that authorisations to capture finches have as little impact as possible and do not affect the favourable conservation conditions of the affected species, and to resolve the administrative and organisational drawbacks in controlling this activity.

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