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Woman sentenced for leaving her dog unleashed as the dog bit another in a housing development in Marbella


The Audiencia of Málaga has sentenced a woman to pay a fine for leaving her dog unleashed in a housing development in the Málagan locality of Marbella after the dog bit another resident’s dog, leaving various wounds. Additionally, she must pay 250 Euros as indemnity for moral damages and 199.72 Euros for veterinary care.

As such, the Court accepts the appeal notice by the attorney of the owner of the wounded animal, overturning the sentence by the judge of Instrucción número 1 marbellí [lower court Number 1, Marbella], which had absolved the woman of any wrongdoing, finding that it had not been proven that the woman had purposefully left the dog unleashed with the intention that it would bite another animal.

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