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No nada


AUTOR: Montserrat Escartín
TÍTULO: No nada

FECHA DE PUBLICACIÓN: septiembre 2005
LUGAR DE PUBLICACIÓN: Revista de Bioética i Dret, nº 4
Reproducido con autorización expresa del autor en: dA web Center, marzo 2010

Links internos: Documentos/594.pdf, Documentos/458.pdf, Documentos/479.pdf

Links externos: aspb.cat, bcn.es


The article presents a new section of the magazine of the Observatory of ethical animal of the University of Ethical designated Barcelona animal from which will present relative questions to the animals (the action Project Big Ape, intellectual and institutions defensores of the animal cause, been of the question in Spain, subject of study in the universities, legislation: Estatut and prohibition of the "corridas" of toros...). The promoters of the initiative are professors and personal researcher of different Spanish universities, that have believed timely to do arrive to the academic community and to the citizenship his points of view after joining like Asociación Interuniversitaria para la Defensa de los Animales (AIUDA).

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