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Man Prohibited from keeping animals after allowing his dog die of hunger


The Judge of Instrucción número 1 (lower court number 1) of Palma has prohibited the owner of two dogs from keeping animals for having left his two dogs abandoned and locked on the terrace without food in mid-summer, resulting in one dying. It is important to highlight that after his neighbors advised the authorities about the situation, members of the de Plataforma Balear para la Defensa de los Animales (Baldea) (Platform for the Defense of Animals in the Balearic Isles), SOS Animal and Guau Miau Protecció Animal obtained a judicial order that allowed rapid intervention by firefighters, who entered the apartment using a crane to rescue the surviving dog and collect the remains of the deceased canine.

The sentence is extremely important, given that for the first time in Spain, an owner who mistreated his animal has been prohibited from owning animals.

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