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Tauromaquia e identidad moral de Cataluña


AUTHOR: Mercedes Cano-Herrera. Professor of Anthropology. Universidad de Valladolid
TITLE: Tauromaquia e identidad moral de Cataluña

PUBLICATION PLACE: dA web Center, Junio 2010


In Catalonia bullfights do not fit. One of the values that shape the MORAL AND ETHICAL IDENTITY OF THE CATALAN PEOPLE is a high sensibility towards the well-being of the animals and a rejection to the mistreatment, is a question of respect and of not wanting to be participants of a cruel mistreatment of the animal. It is like some of them consider it to be a holiday. To vote in favour of the ILP for the suppression of the bullfights in Catalonia nothing has that to see in spite of going against the Spanish identity - When the ILP is approved, Catalonia will be a bit more just

Moral and ethical identity of the catalan people, animal welfare, high sensibility, mistreatment of the animals, suppression of the bullfights.

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