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Diez horas de caza


AUTHOR: Jules Verne
TITLE: Dix heures en chasse, simple boutade, Diez horas de caza

PUBLICATION PLACE: Ed. Hetzel (Paris), Ed. Sáenz de Jubera Hermanos (Madrid)

Reproduced in : dA web Center, October 2010

Ten hours of hunting (Dix heures in chasse, simple boutade) is a short story (nouvelle) written by Jules Verne in 1881. In 1882, it was published by Hetzel following the novel Le Rayon vert, in the collection Les Voyages extraordinaires. The edition presented here in Spanish corresponds to the translation of the latter, published in the late nineteenth century by Sáenz de Jubera Brothers.
The little sympathy that Jules Verne had by hunting and hunters is revealed in this entertaining account of his unique experience as a hunter, an experience that nearly cost him his life, when he accidentally shot a gun to himself and also because it caused some problems with the police, we'll see the true story as it solved. For Verne, hunters make two crimes: a lack of scruples in killing animals and refer their adventures. 22 years after the unpleasant experience of live hunting, Jules Verne wrote the story that was very successful since its first reading in public.


hunt, hunter, animals, satire.

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