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Sentencia Habeas Corpus n. 833085-3/2005. The 9th Criminal Court of the State of Bahia (Brazil). Case Suiça vs. Zoological Garden of the City of Salvador.


AUTHOR: Heron Santana Gordillo. Professor of Graduate and Postgraduate Program of the Faculty of Law of the UFBA. Former President of the Abolitionist Institute for Animals (www.abolicionismoanimal.org.br)
TITLE: Animal Rights in Brazil: Habeas Corpus for Chimpanzees

PUBLICATION DATE: September 2010
PUBLICATION PLACE: dA web Center, September 2010

The 9th Criminal Court of the State of Bahia (Brazil)
Judge: Edmundo Lucio da Cruz
Date: Salvador de Bahía, 5.10.2005


This essay demonstrate how Darwinian theory of evolution by natural selection has caused changes in the legal world, in order that lawyers are using the recent discoveries about how similar genetic between man and chimpanzees to claim extension of human rights for the great primates, that is, chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas and orangs. It also that many activists for animal rights have considered the dispute an important strategy, whether to set new means for legal institutes such as the Habeas Corpus, hitherto used only to ensure human freedom, whether to increase the movement and increase the conscietization of the general population about the importance of the recognition of animals as holders of basic rights.


Animal abolitionism , Habeas Corpus , Chimpanzee , Standing , Legal subject.

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